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  These are not all of the Thief 2 missions. Expect intermittent updates.  
  Alphabetized by author's name. Mission sets by more than one author are listed under "Group"  
The Cloister of St. Lazarius CloisterofStLazarius,The.zip Alexius
Betrayal: Voices Betrayal-VoicesV2.zip amievil?
Lord Alan   Andrea Aleotti
Lord Alan's Basement LordAlansBasement.zip Andrea Aleotti
Lord Alan's Fortress LordAlansFortress.zip Andrea Aleotti
Lord Alan's Factory Placeholder for Lord Alan's Factory. Zip missing Andrea Aleotti
Gauntlet 2-DromEd's Revenge Gauntlet2DromedsRevenge.zip Apache
Garrett to the Rescue GarretttotheRescue.zip Apache & KidGarret
Garrett to the Rescue 2 GarretttotheRescue2.zip Apache
Heist Society HeistSociety_v10.zip Asylum
Hidden Agenda hiddenagenda.zip Asylum
Easy Money - Release Version 1.0 EasyMoney.zip Azrarhn
Lady Lisa's Harbor LadyLisasHarborV2.zip BBB
Lord Matt LordMatt.zip BBB
Mighty Joe Young MightyJoeYoung.zip BBB
Just Friends Part 1 JustFriendsP1.zip bassmanret
Breakout Breakout.zip Belboz
Raid on Washout Central RaidonWashoutCentral.zip Belboz
Trickster's Gem Mine   Belboz
TTGM:Training ttgm-training19.zip Belboz
TTGM 1: Errand Boy errand.zip Belboz
TTGM 2:Shore Leave & TTGM 3:Up Sh*t Creek ttgm23_shoreleaveupshcreek.zip Belboz
TTGM 4:Making Tracks ttgm4_makingtracks.zip Belboz
TTGM 5: Tricksters Rift TTGM 6:Gem Mine & TTGM: 6 Elsewhere ttgm-trickmine.zip Belboz
TTGM 7 & 8:Chasm of the Lost Part 1 & Part 2 ttgm-chasm.zip Belboz
Waterlogged Waterlogged.zip Belboz
The Hashishans V2 Hashishans,The.zip Ben Hur (aka And)
The Sisterhood of Azura Pt1 - Estheridge sofa1a.zip Ben Hur (aka And)
Sisterhood of Azura Part 2 - The House SisterhoodofAzura,The2-TheHouse.zip Ben Hur (aka And)
Paladine Manor PaladineManor.zip BlackRuin
By Order of an Unknown ByOrderofanUnknownV1.6.zip BlackThief
Museum Heist MuseumHeist.zip Buglesoft
Borringtons Castle, v4 BorringtonsCastle_v4.zip Bronze Griffin
Lord Maguire Estates pt. 1 LordMaguireEstates.zip Caradavin
Broken Heart BrokenHeart_v2.zip cardia1
Citadel of Douro CitadelofDouro_v2.zip cardia1
Pereiras Mansion v2 PereirasMansion_v2.zip cardia1
Vadrigar's Prison VadrigarsPrison_v2.zip cardia1
The Abominable Dr.Dragon AbominableDrDragon,The.zip Chiefdreams
Bath House Bathhouse.zip cdfbr
Curse of the Falcon Two mission pack. This is a follow on to the Night Falcon series.Snow Flurry and Mereska - City of Flames Christine
Curse of the Falcon CurseoftheFalconv2.zip Christine
Lady Lotti Series This mission will only play from Darkloader. Christine
Coterie of Smokers LLS1CoterieofSmokers.zip Christine
Abysses LLS2Abysses-Abgrundv2.zip Christine
Bloody Ruins LLS3BloodyRuins-Ruinen.zip Christine
Lord Ashton Series all 8 missions as a pack Christine
Lord Ashton LASLordAshtonSeries.zip Christine
Night Falcon 7 Missions English or German Christine
Night Falcon - English Version NightFalconV2_ENG.zip Christine
Night Falcon - German Version NightFalconV2_GER.zip Christine
The Mystic Lady MysticLady,The.zip Christine
Freedo Finds One FreedoFindsOne.zip CloakedInDarkness
COSAS 1 Gathering at the Inn COSAS1-GatheringattheInn.zip COSAS, Team Cosas
The Ghost House / The Haunted Hospital GhostHouse-HauntedHospital,The.zip Dark Arrow
The Trickster's Castle v1.07 TrickstersCastle,The107.zip Dark Ghost Lord
The Clean Out CleanOut,The_1.0a.zip Dark Gentleman
The Gallery Gallery,The.zip David L
Garrett's Nightmare GarrettsNightmare.zip Deadwrite
Curiosity Curiosity.zip Demonreaver
Freedom for Nepumuk FreedomforNepumuk.zip Dennis
Collector's Greed CollectorsGreed.zip DewFreak
Fortune & Glory FortuneandGlory.zip DonkeyKong
DirtyBusiness DirtyBusiness.zip Dr Sneak
No more clients for Monty c4nomoreclientsformonty_v_053.zip Duodecimal
Damsel in Distress V.2 DamselinDistress_V2_3.zip Dyald
Best Defense BestDefense.zip eepcat
Ironman (sequel to Best Defense) IronMan.zip eepcat
The Hole Hole,The.zip eepcat
Ominous Bequest - Release Version 3.0 OminousBequestV3.zip Eshaktaar
Something up there.. SomethingUpThere.zip Erik W
The Night Watch - 4 mission Gold Magick Story NightWatch,The.zip Fidcal
Stowaway Stowaway.zip Finial
The Cell Next Door CellNextDoor,The.zip Frank M
The Prison of Garrett v2 PrisonofGarrett,The_v2.zip Flecha das Sombras
A Water Arrow in the Fire WaterArrowintheFire,A.zip Flecha das Sombras
Keeper of the Prophecies The Enterprise; Hallucinations; the Insurrection; Oracle of the Prophets; The Other Side of Time; Reversing the Order;Moving Day; the Inheritance; Under the Raven Moon Frobber
Keeper of the Prophecies KotP1-9_v1a.zip Frobber
L Arsene   Gaëtane
L Arsene LArsene.zip Gaëtane
Emilie Victor EmilieVictor.zip Gaëtane
Korrigans Goblins_Korrigans.zip Gaëtane
The Den Den,The.zip Gaëtane
Happy New Year Mr.Lambert HappyNewYearMrLambert.zip Gaetane
The Docks, aka All Aboard ! Docks,The.zip Gonchong
Willow Island WillowIsland_ENG.zip Gonchong
The Mystic Estate (to rob from...) MysticEstate_torobfrom,The.zip GORT
Chon Migoroshi ver.2 ChonMigoroshi_JP.zip GORUGO 13
Nightmares-Cauchemars Multiple authors. Amelico, Lynx, Louve, Makoho, and Gaetane Group
Nightmares-Cauchemars (English and French) Nightmares-Cauchemars.zip Amelico,Lynx,Louve,Makoho,Gaetane
The Cistern Cistern,The.zip Gumdrop
The Night I ghosted Berkshead NightIGhostedBerkshead,The.zip Gumdrop
Torner Island TornerIsland.zip Haman
Darkness Falls - Royal Garmyth DF1RoyalGarmythv1_1.zip Hidden In Shadow
Darkness Falls - A Dire Venture DF2DireVenturev1_0.zip Hidden In Shadow
Alliance Alliance.zip Hipbreaker
Insurrection Insurrection.zip Hipbreaker
Retaliation Retaliation.zip Hipbreaker
SilentNightmares SilentNightmares.zip Hipbreaker