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  These are not all of the Thief 2 missions. Expect intermittent updates.  
  Alphabetized by author's name. Mission sets by more than one author are listed under "Group"  
""The Night Watch - 4 mission Gold Magick Story""
The Cloister of St. Lazarius CloisterofStLazarius,The.zip Alexius
Betrayal: Voices Betrayal-VoicesV2.zip "amievil?"
Lord Alan   Andrea Aleotti
Lord Alan's Basement LordAlansBasement.zip Andrea Aleotti
Lord Alan's Fortress LordAlansFortress.zip Andrea Aleotti
Lord Alan's Factory <"Placeholder for Lord Alan's Factory. Zip missing. Andrea Aleotti
Gauntlet 2-DromEd's Revenge Gauntlet2DromedsRevenge.zip Apache
Garrett to the Rescue GarretttotheRescue.zip Apache & KidGarret
Garrett to the Rescue 2 GarretttotheRescue2.zip Apache
Heist Society HeistSociety_v10.zip Asylum
Hidden Agenda hiddenagenda.zip Asylum
Easy Money - Release Version 1.0 EasyMoney.zip Azrarhn
Lady Lisa's Harbor LadyLisasHarborV2.zip BBB
Lord Matt LordMatt.zip BBB
Mighty Joe Young MightyJoeYoung.zip BBB
Just Friends Part 1 JustFriendsP1.zip bassmanret
Breakout Breakout.zip Belboz
Raid on Washout Central RaidonWashoutCentral.zip Belboz
Trickster's Gem Mine   Belboz
TTGM:Training ttgm-training19.zip Belboz
TTGM 1: Errand Boy errand.zip Belboz
TTGM 2:Shore Leave & TTGM 3:Up Sh*t Creek ttgm23_shoreleaveupshcreek.zip Belboz
TTGM 4:Making Tracks ttgm4_makingtracks.zip Belboz
TTGM 5: Tricksters Rift TTGM 6:Gem Mine & TTGM: 6 Elsewhere ttgm-trickmine.zip Belboz
TTGM 7 & 8:Chasm of the Lost Part 1 & Part 2 ttgm-chasm.zip Belboz
Waterlogged Waterlogged.zip Belboz
The Hashishans V2 Hashishans,The.zip Ben Hur (aka And)
The Sisterhood of Azura Pt1 - Estheridge sofa1a.zip Ben Hur (aka And)
Sisterhood of Azura Part 2 - The House SisterhoodofAzura,The2-TheHouse.zip Ben Hur (aka And)
Paladine Manor PaladineManor.zip BlackRuin
By Order of an Unknown ByOrderofanUnknownV1.6.zip BlackThief
Museum Heist MuseumHeist.zip Buglesoft
Borringtons Castle, v4 BorringtonsCastle_v4.zip Bronze Griffin
Lord Maguire Estates pt. 1 LordMaguireEstates.zip Caradavin
Broken Heart BrokenHeart_v2.zip cardia1
Citadel of Douro CitadelofDouro_v2.zip cardia1
Pereiras Mansion v2 PereirasMansion_v2.zip cardia1
Vadrigar's Prison VadrigarsPrison_v2.zip cardia1
The Abominable Dr.Dragon AbominableDrDragon,The.zip Chiefdreams
Bath House Bathhouse.zip cdfbr
Curse of the Falcon Two mission pack. This is a follow on to the Night Falcon series.Snow Flurry and Mereska - City of Flames Christine
Curse of the Falcon CurseoftheFalconv2.zip Christine
Lady Lotti Series This mission will only play from Darkloader. Christine
Coterie of Smokers LLS1CoterieofSmokers.zip Christine
Abysses LLS2Abysses-Abgrundv2.zip Christine
Bloody Ruins LLS3BloodyRuins-Ruinen.zip Christine
Lord Ashton Series all 8 missions as a pack Christine
Lord Ashton LASLordAshtonSeries.zip Christine
Night Falcon 7 Missions English or German Christine
Night Falcon - English Version NightFalconV2_ENG.zip Christine
Night Falcon - German Version NightFalconV2_GER.zip Christine
The Mystic Lady MysticLady,The.zip Christine
Freedo Finds One FreedoFindsOne.zip CloakedInDarkness
COSAS 1 Gathering at the Inn COSAS1-GatheringattheInn.zip COSAS, Team Cosas
The Ghost House / The Haunted Hospital GhostHouse-HauntedHospital,The.zip Dark Arrow
The Trickster's Castle v1.07 TrickstersCastle,The107.zip Dark Ghost Lord
The Clean Out CleanOut,The_1.0a.zip Dark Gentleman
The Gallery Gallery,The.zip David L
Garrett's Nightmare GarrettsNightmare.zip Deadwrite
Curiosity Curiosity.zip Demonreaver
Freedom for Nepumuk FreedomforNepumuk.zip Dennis
Collector's Greed CollectorsGreed.zip DewFreak
Fortune & Glory FortuneandGlory.zip DonkeyKong
DirtyBusiness DirtyBusiness.zip Dr Sneak
No more clients for Monty c4nomoreclientsformonty_v_053.zip Duodecimal
Damsel in Distress V.2 DamselinDistress_V2_3.zip Dyald
Best Defense BestDefense.zip eepcat
Ironman (sequel to Best Defense) IronMan.zip eepcat
The Hole Hole,The.zip eepcat
Ominous Bequest - Release Version 3.0 OminousBequestV3.zip Eshaktaar
Something up there.. SomethingUpThere.zip Erik W
NightWatch,The.zip Fidcal
Stowaway Stowaway.zip Finial
The Cell Next Door CellNextDoor,The.zip Frank M
The Prison of Garrett v2 PrisonofGarrett,The_v2.zip Flecha das Sombras
A Water Arrow in the Fire WaterArrowintheFire,A.zip Flecha das Sombras
Keeper of the Prophecies The Enterprise; Hallucinations; the Insurrection; Oracle of the Prophets; The Other Side of Time; Reversing the Order;Moving Day; the Inheritance; Under the Raven Moon Frobber
Keeper of the Prophecies KotP1-9_v1a.zip Frobber
L Arsene   Gaëtane
L Arsene LArsene.zip Gaëtane
Emilie Victor EmilieVictor.zip Gaëtane
Korrigans Goblins_Korrigans.zip Gaëtane
The Den Den,The.zip Gaëtane
Happy New Year Mr.Lambert HappyNewYearMrLambert.zip Gaëtane
The Docks, aka All Aboard ! Docks,The.zip Gonchong
Willow Island WillowIsland_ENG.zip Gonchong
The Mystic Estate (to rob from...) MysticEstate_torobfrom,The.zip GORT
Chon Migoroshi ver.2 ChonMigoroshi_JP.zip GORUGO 13
Nightmares-Cauchemars Multiple authors. Amelico, Lynx, Louve, Makoho, and Gaëtane Group
Nightmares-Cauchemars (English and French) Nightmares-Cauchemars.zip Amelico,Lynx,Louve,Makoho,Gaëtane
The Cistern Cistern,The.zip Gumdrop
The Night I ghosted Berkshead NightIGhostedBerkshead,The.zip Gumdrop
Torner Island TornerIsland.zip Haman
Darkness Falls - Royal Garmyth DF1RoyalGarmythv1_1.zip Hidden In Shadow
Darkness Falls - A Dire Venture DF2DireVenturev1_0.zip Hidden In Shadow
Alliance Alliance.zip Hipbreaker
Insurrection Insurrection.zip Hipbreaker
Retaliation Retaliation.zip Hipbreaker
SilentNightmares SilentNightmares.zip Hipbreaker
Out for a Revenge, version 1.01 OutforaRevenge1.1.zip Istvan Varga
Retrieval of the Soul RetrievaloftheSoul.zip Istvan Varga